samedi 29 août 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Nikki Benz

One of the sexiest pornstars alive, no question!;)

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

mardi 25 août 2009

Vicky Vette interview

Hi guys,

It was a long time in coming, but we finally have it! So sit down and relax and enjoy this very interesting Q&A with MILF extraordinaire Vicky Vette!

As an added bonus, here are a few galleries for you!

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- How did you get into the business? What prompted the decision to get into the adult entertainment industry?

I entered the Hustler BeaverHunt contest. You know the monthly contest where you send in your polaroids? Well to my shock and awe I was semifinalist and then winner! It was beyond my wildest dreams. I just did it for fun really. I just wanted to be a little crazy. My prizes were some cash and trips to LA to shoot real magazine layouts. I never had so much fun in my life and felt like this is what I was supposed to be doing! While I was there they asked me to shoot another layout, a girl/girl with Avy Scott for High Society magazine. Well one thing led to another and before you know it I was shooting movies. It was a natural easy step for my exhibitionist self. The way the scheduling turned out, I actually shot my first 2 movies before even doing the winning spread for Hustler. I was 38 when I shot it.

- Describe how you felt while filming your first scene. Who was your partner?

Well believe it or not, my first 2 scenes were both DP’s. Talk about crazy. What was I thinking? Lol… LA Direct asked me if I had ever done a DP before, I said sure Hubby and I occasionally meet a single man at a swing club and indulge. Well it was not the same thing at all. I just wanted to get off. I knew nothing about lighting and camera angles and doing the same thing over and over, or someone telling you to stop and change positions just when it was feeling good. If I had to do it again, I would have done it differently. I would have done the traditional route of doing solo, gg, then bg, then anal, then dp. But that’s me! I do everything backwards! Lol…

- How rewarding is it for you to be "competing" with girls half your age and realize that you are sexier than they are? Is it some sort of mission to raise awareness in the fact that MILFs are hot?

When I first started in May 2003 milf movies were just starting to come into their own. Most women would be insulted if you called them a milf. I had never even heard the term until then and figured it didn’t apply because I had no children. But they insist on categorizing everyone so I went along with it because it was easier than arguing about it. My first couple of shoots my age was deliberately left out, and one photographer canceled my shoot with out ever laying eyes on me because he simply would not shoot a 38 year old. My agent asked if he would at least meet me before deciding, after all he had booked me based on my pictures. But no, he felt like he was being tricked when he found out my age and flat out refused to see me. I never really thought about age until then, age is just a number right?

- What do your friends and family think about your being a pornstar?

Well one brother was completely devastated and actually stopped speaking to me for 3 whole years. Even now the conversation is terse at best. He did not come to my wedding 2 years ago and I have never met his wife or his 3 children. He feels that because of what I do, I would be a bad influence on them. The hilarious thing is that he found out, because he rented a Vivid movie and to his surprise guess who was in it? I guess in his hypocritical mind, it is ok for other people’s sisters to film porn, just not HIS sister. The rest of my family accepts me for what I am, I always was the wild one, the crazy one, the one who was not afraid to try anything, even skydiving, or moving out on my own at 17.

- Is there a stigma that you must live with because of what you do for a living? If so, how do you feel about being judged like this?

Well I knew about the stigma before I started. I thought about it carefully, and decided beforehand that I could handle it, should I have to face it. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt when you receive several nasty emails from ladies down the street calling you “a no good piece of shit, get out of our neighborhood, you bring the property values down. No one wants to live next to a whore, you make me want to vomit every time I see you”. The funny thing is, I would want to live next to me. I am very quiet, and very clean. My landscaping is beautiful and my house always freshly painted. I am very quiet, do not have parties and respect others. There is not as much stigma as there used to be, but small towns are tough. It is much easier to live in the anonymity of a large city like LA than to be recognized in a small town.

- Given your profession, is it possible to have a "normal" romantic relationship with someone outside the industry? Would you date someone in the industry?

Outside the industry? I don’t think so. During the brief time I was single, I dated a few people outside of the industry, and they could not come to terms with what I did. Of course they said they did, but it always became an issue. My hubby is the male talent on my site, he is my videographer and photographer, and edits my video for me. He is much more artistic than I am! It really works for us, we love what we do, we laugh a lot, and we actually get off on each other, on camera and off.

- What are your favorite sexual positions? Why is that?

All of them! Cowgirl used to be my favorite because I could be in control. By being on top, you can decide how deep to penetrate, how fast or slow, and the angle and rhythm. But lately I seem to enjoy just about anything and everything!

- Is bigger truly better?

I always say: It’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat! Lol… Sex and being turned on is all in your mind. If a person is confident, sexy, enthusiastic, experimental, and a little unconventional, that is a big turn on.

- Best ever sexual encounter?

I’ve had a lot of them, but the best times are always with the person you love. When you are the most relaxed and trusting, and truly uninhibited, you can just let yourself go, and reach new heights. You can get into a “zone” where you just cum and cum and cum. Long cums are amazing. The more you do it the better it gets.

- Best male performer?

They are all amazing. It takes a lot of balls to be a male performer. If I was a male I wouldn’t do it!

- How as the internet changed the industry? Is there a difference between shooting a scene for Brazzers or Naughty America and a DVD release?

I don’t think there is a lot of difference shooting for NA or Brazzers, they are both very professional companies that do a great job, and their product is eventually released on DVD as well.

How has the internet changed the industry? Well there is a lot of free porn out there. It’s so much more competitive than it used to be. The tube sites give away full scenes which is ok if you don’t mind wanking to generic porn or girls you don’t know. If you are a fan of a certain girl, it is much easier to pay $25 a month to get all her videos in one place, instead of searching out a piece here and a piece there. Plus you get the newest video shot, not the same old scenes sliced and spliced and regurgitated over and over again on the free sites.

- What's the main difference between you on screen and you in the bedroom?

There is no difference at all, I am always the same, I do not “act”. Actually I can’t act! Lol…

- Knowing that pornstars usually have a shelf life, are you already looking ahead and preparing yourself for life beyond porn?

Well I only started shooting porn at 38, the age that most retire or have retired. It’s a different world. As long as people want to watch me have sex I will be a performer! But I held a series of corporate positions before porn, including running my own construction business and of course I have an “exit strategy”.

- Any upcoming appearances you want your fans to know about?

I will be at Adultcon, in Los Angeles, Oct 2, 3 and 4rth. Please come and see me! I love meeting everyone. Kisses for website members! I will go out to dinner with my members once or twice and we are talking about a fire on the beach. I have members coming from as far away as Canada and Australia!

- How much of an honor is it to be nominated for an AVN Award?

It’s a huge thrill, I was very new at the time and didn’t even realize what it meant at the time. Since making the switch to “internet only” about 3 years ago I was nominated by Xbiz for “Web Babe of the Year” and by the Fame Awards for “Best Website”. I am still the reigning “Booble Girl of the Year” at least for the next few weeks! Those nominations truly mean a lot to me because it validates my decision making process.

- Having your own website means that it's important for you to interact with your fans. How special is it to have that opportunity to interact with them?

It is very special. I truly believe that our websites are the most interactive out there. We have 7 sites networked, ie, if you join any one of them, you get them all. All the girls have their own forum where they chat to members every day. We also have built in chatrooms; they can be group chats or private chats; they truly are private, no one can read the private chat, not even me - the webmaster. Then each girl has her own cam2cam room. This means the members can turn on their cams and we can see them. Sometimes our members put on the shows for us! We love the role reversal! Or sometimes it turns into a cyber bukkakke! You never know what can happen in there. A one hour cam2cam session can be anywhere from 5 to 30 people, although only the 1st 8 can be on cam simultaneously. No extra per minute charges, it’s all included in the monthly membership. On top of that, each girl does a full on hardcore live sex show each week on where you can participate in the ongoing chat and make suggestions. Our sites are (my flagship), a hot newbie, look for her scenes on Brazzers, a gorgeous milf, featuring sexy amateur Canadian beaver Shanda Fay, a massive titted UK sensation, , no explanation required for this multi AVN award winner, and finally our freaky fetish chick.

Most sites promise interactivity but ours truly deliver. We cover teens to milf, blonde to brunette, small tits to ginormous tits, even fetish, we have it all – a complete network!

- Tell us a quirky fact about yourself.

I’m very goofy, I laugh at silly slapstick comedy. You can only be young once but you can be immature forever.

- Favorite cities in the world?

Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Munich, Milan

- Favorite vacation spots?

Anywhere with a beach.

- Your next trip?

Leaving for Florida again on Friday.

- Favorite dishes?

Love Italian, Greek, Peruvian, Chinese, colorful food that is wildly exciting in texture and flavor. I love to cook and entertain.

- Favorite drinks?

Latte and cappuccino – I drink a lot of coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

- What songs are playing over and over again in your iPod?

I like classic rock and 80’s what can I say? That was my era.

- What are your hobbies?

I love to run and enter 5K’s and 10K’s. I have a little mantle with some trophies that I am very proud of. I also like to rollerblade and bicycle and I’m crazy about bodypump class. Other than that, I love to hang out with my dogs, and go for long hikes on trails, the more difficult and steep the better.

- What are odd jobs you held before becoming a pornstar?

I was a janitor in a church.

- Describe a typical day for you.

Everyday is completely different and that’s what I love about what I do. With 7 sites you can be sure that every day one or two of them is getting updated so I do spend a lot of time on the computer. The good thing is that all I need is a laptop and my MyFi, and I can travel everywhere - and I do! Even on long trips I have a workdesk set up in the back of the van. I get itchy feet if I stay in one place too long.

- Do you have to work out often to stay in such perfect shape?

Not perfect at all, lol, but thanks… I work out 3 – 4 times a week. I love to work out, it turns me on.

- Favorite perfume fragrances?

Anything by Calvin Klein.

- Anything else you want to add or share with your fans?

Follow your dreams, do what you want to do. Do not wait until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. Do it now.

Tell the people you love how you feel every day. Live each day like it is your last. You just never know.

lundi 24 août 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Puma Swede and Jessica Jaymes

If you can think of a better combo, it's hard to believe!;)

Enjoy the gallery!

As an added bonus, here are a couple of Puma Swede galleries for you to enjoy!

dimanche 23 août 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Kerry Louise

This dark-haired beauty is an up-and-comer in the industry, and here's to hoping that we'll see plenty more of her in the coming months!

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

jeudi 20 août 2009

More NextDoor Models: Heidi

Because these girls are beautiful!:0)

Here's another gallery for you to sample!

And click here to see a video preview of Heidi in the shower with another girl!;-)

lundi 17 août 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Isis Love

This Latina is hotter than hell! Too bad she felt the need for a boob job, as her body was smokin' enough as it was. But she now has everything you could ask for!

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

mercredi 12 août 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Abbey Brooks

Abbey Brooks has the beauty and the sexual energy that make it impossible to grow tired of seeing her. With monster curves and a great smile, she is one sexy blonde bombshell!

You can visit her official website here.

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

dimanche 9 août 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Audrey Bitoni

This girl has got it all, and we mean it! It's no wonder this sexy gal was nominated as the AVN Best New Starlet of 2009!

You can check out Audrey's official website here.

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

dimanche 2 août 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Lexi Belle

Since teens are a hot topic, here's another one of the hottest young starlets around! Lexi Belle is da bomb!;)

You can visit her official website here.

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!