mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Eva Angelina

What can we say!?!

Just can't get enough of this gorgeous babe! Check out her official website here!

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

samedi 25 juillet 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Natalia Rossi

Thanks to teen-themed websites all over the internet, a new crop of teen starlets have emerged. One of the sexiest of the lot is without a doubt the beautiful Natalia Rossi. We have a feeling we'll see more and more of her in the coming months!

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

mercredi 22 juillet 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Dylan Ryder

This girl puts the "monster" in the monster curves expression! She is amazingly hot! Let's hope we see more and more of Dylan Ryder as her popularity grows!

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

Don't forget that a trial membership at Naughty America is only 1.95$, and only 1$ at Brazzers Network. Less than the cost of a drink, so go ahead and try it!

samedi 18 juillet 2009

mardi 14 juillet 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Sienna West

She seems to be everywhere these days! And that's cool with us, because we can't get enough of this busty starlet!

Here's to hoping that she'll continue to get as much exposure!

Don't forget that a trial membership at Naughty America is only 1.95$, and only 1$ at Brazzers Network. Less than the cost of a drink, so go ahead and try it!

Here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!

jeudi 9 juillet 2009

Dream Girlzzz: Jessica Lynn

This relative newcomer is making waves and with good reason! Man, she is HOT!

Better be careful, or she'll drain a gallon of love juice out of you whether you're a man or a woman!:P

Here are a couple of galleries for you to enjoy!

samedi 4 juillet 2009

Brenda James interview

We've been promising you this Q&A for some time now, and here it is!

Many thanks to Brenda James for taking some time off her busy schedule to answer our questions. We're pretty sure you'll learn a thing or three about this sexy MILF!

For more on the actress, please visit her website:

As an added bonus, here are a few galleries for you to enjoy!;)


- How did you get into the business? What prompted the decision to get into the adult entertainment industry?

It all started with a dare from my husband. He was looking at porn and I was jealous. I would say why are you looking at other girls when ya got me? He said "if you think you’re so hot why don’t you do it"! The rest as they say is history.

- Describe how you felt while filming your first scene. Who was your partner?

My first shoot was on my 37th birthday. It was at Naughty America, and the actor was Otto. I was totally comfortable, like I had done it a thousand times before! I can’t explain why, but I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. It was pretty much exactly what I expected. I have been doing TV and film for 20 years so it wasn’t a big stretch.

- How rewarding is it for you to be "competing" with girls nearly half your age and realize that you are sexier than they are? Is it some sort of mission to raise awareness in the fact that MILFs are hot?

I have been a mainstream model for over 2 decades now, so I am done with the competition factor. I also realized early on that rejection for a gig can’t be taken personally. The fact that I don’t compete, really brings out the competition in other girls for some reason though. Oh how that makes me laugh. Age is a strange thing I must admit. I still feel like I’m 25 on the inside and on the outside I don’t feel much older either. I hope never to use age as an excuse for taking care of my body. I am extremely flattered to get such awesome compliments from people. I NEVER take compliments for granted.

- What do your friends and family think about your being a pornstar?

Ahhhh…Well not a lot of family knows. Friends on the other hand they think it’s great. I even have friends asking how to get into it. Porn is not nearly as taboo as it used to be. There are still some uptight conservatives but as long as they don’t give me advice it's all good.

- Is there a stigma that you must live with because of what you do for a living? If so, how do you feel about being judged like this?

I don’t care about the stigma UNLESS is brought up to question my devotion as a mother, or to interfere with a potential job. Someone that would choose to avoid me because I do porn is probably someone I wouldn’t want to hang with anyways.

- Given your profession, is it possible to have a "normal" romantic relationship with someone outside the industry? Would you date someone in the industry?

Every day I am amazed that my husband can tolerate this. Either he is crazy or he doesn’t like me!!! He has started getting a bit jealous, but nothing like I would be if the shoe were on the other foot! I probably couldn’t date anyone in the industry. I would be a jealous psycho nightmare. It’s a double standard but it’s the way it is so take it or leave it.

- What are your favorite sexual positions? Why is that?

Behind, behind, behind. I love the fact that the guy can just concentrate on fucking me on, and not have to worry about any eye contact, facial expressions or bad breath. There is a time for the passion, and a time for just fucking. It also feels the best too. In the morning I love to get rolled over and fucked from behind. Knowing a guy is using my body to get off is a huge turn on. I love to feel the cum on my back too. Love, love, love cum on me. Btw I coined this morning fuck “my alarm cock”’

- Is bigger truly better?

I have to say that women bodies vary as much as cock size does. Some of the smallest girls can take 10” cocks while me 5’9” preferred 6-8”. The width is what gets me turned on. So I guess the soda can cock is my favorite.

- Best ever sexual encounter?

I love the quick public fucks. My favorite was in a High-rise with my face up against the glass looking at the city lights. The restroom in a fancy restaurant, an elevator, a public beach behind a tree.

- Most satisfying fulfilled sexual fantasies?

I love the three-somes. I love watching another girl get fucked with me holding on to her and playing with her at the same time. I have been in luck to have beautiful women to play with.

- Best male performer?

I have a few favorites. Rick Lee is my absolute favorite, but Mikey Butders, Chris Slater, Brad Hardey, James Dean, Pauly, Will, John Strong, they all have been Fantastic. Charles Dern was a very handsome fellow, and of course MILF Hunter Sean was super fun to be with. Lee stone is a great guy, but my body just cant take him! I have never had a cock that big. I have been very fortunate for the most part to have great male talent.

- Lamest male performer?

A guy from a video I shot in Florida. The shoot had to do with this guy and his friend being locked out of their van. This guy would get soft every time a camera started to roll! He was not attractive, not sexy at all, and very shy. I am super dooper patient with people, especially sex partners , but I was beyond even being nice after the 10th hr of that bullshit. The shoot is one of my least favorites to date.

- Best female performer?

Raquel Devine and Alana Evans. I was really into both of them. Raquel’s body felt soooooo good.

- How has the internet changed the industry? Is there a difference between shooting a scene for Brazzers or Naughty America and a DVD release?

No, I haven’t noticed any differences. The only differences I do notice are when it comes to budget and professionalism. The two examples you gave are ironic…I love working with Naughty America, and Brazzers wont book me for some reason, lol. I have no idea why and don’t care. I treat everyone with respect and complete kindness. If you ever hear otherwise it would be a lie or someone really pissed me off.

- What's the main difference between you on screen and you in the bedroom?

How I am on camera is exactly how I am in real life. My vocals may be tamed down a bit, but other than that there is nothing different. Maybe that helps explain why I am so comfortable on set.

- Knowing that pornstars usually have a shelf life, are you already looking ahead and preparing yourself for life beyond porn.

I had a website going within the first month of working. I am amazed though at how companies only want to book a girl once no matter how good or popular she is. I think that is a big mistake. For myself I have never thought of porn as the end all be all.

I am in school for forensics right now. I have about 1 yr left to my B.S. and in my opinion, B.B should stand for Bull Shit cause that's what college is.

- Any upcoming appearances you want your fans to know about?

I will be opening an online store and will be back to shooting more for my site ( in about 2 weeks.

- Having your own website means that it's important for you to interact with your fans. How special is it to have that opportunity to interact with them?

I love talking to my customers. It has been tough lately with family crisis’s, school full time, moving, and no internet. BUT I always get back people. Without the customers and a fan base there is no Brenda James. When I stop getting emails and requests I will stop filming. I get it.

- Describe what would be the perfect date?

Oh I just hate dates. I would rather order food and watch Monday Night Football on the couch.

- What are your favorite sports? Favorite teams?

I like volleyball a lot. I am a great 3rd baseman. Basketball is one of my favs to watch.

- Tell us a quirky fact about yourself.

I am a total geology nut. I have a great rock collection. I also am very lucky, both good and strange luck. Today I found 20 bucks on the street. So girls and I went to buy some ice cream with it. As they were paying I picked up someone’s discarded lottery ticket and it was worth 20 bucks! So I made 40 bucks today just walking around!

- Favorite cities in the world?

Athens, Greece, LA, Chicago, Barcelona, Santa Monica has grown on me in a big way too. I really have fallen in love with the California climate. I love being able to walk everywhere I need to go.

- Favorite vacation spots?

Anywhere there is a private beach I can go topless at. The Florida vacation with the family is always fun. Last year I found a conch shell as big as my head. I now have it on the fireplace mantel.

- Your next trip?

Florida in December, I hope, with my girls. I want to go to Nevada and dig for Opals on this little ranch I read about.

- Favorite dishes?

I like Moussaka(sp) the Greek dish. I like all veggies except radishes, and green Bell peppers.

- Favorite drinks?

Vodka Tonic is my drink at the bar. I like a cold beer in the summer after I mow the lawn however. I will have Pino Noir with Sushi.

- What songs are playing over and over again in your iPod?

Oohhh, I am all over the place with music. I would take a stereo over television any day. I’ve been playing some 70’s rock, along with Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Incubus, Flo Rida, U2, Rihanna, Sinatra, Old Bon Jovi, Green Day( they played in my basement in college), I like music a lot.

- Latest movie you saw? How good was it?

I am a HUGE Wes Anderson fan and Coen brothers fan. It is a dream of mine to have a small part in either one of their films. I grew up in the home town of the Coen brothers. Pixar is another all time favorite production company. Latest movie viewed would be Burn After Reading, Loved it.

- Favorite authors/books?

Oh I read all those self help books. Not the sappy ones, the stay positive ones. I do read most of the “Prey” books. I think its Jon Sanford?
- Are you an Obama or a McCain girl? Why?

Oh don’t even get me going on the politics. I am so disappointed in our government. The cost of health care and an education is disgusting. Foreclosure and unemployment are destroying entire communities. I would probably call myself an independent. I like the idea of being”green”, but at the same time one must be realistic. When one solar panel for my house costs more than a furnace, it defeats the purpose and defies logic.

- What are your hobbies?

I love walking my dog, BeBe. She is a Yorkshire Terrier that I rescued. She is a brat to strangers though and that just drives me crazy. I desperately want a Yorkie-poo or a Malty-poo. Something that is around 6 lbs. I will give a free lifetime membership for my website to anyone that has one for me!!!

Back to the question…snorkeling, rock and shell hunting, gardening, and refurbishing houses. Friends and family have me re-do their houses all the time. I am a beach baby at heart.

- Describe the very first time you were recognized on the street, at the mall, etc? How did it feel?

Actually it was a home depot. I loved it! I think the guy was thrilled. I couldn’t believe he knew me so I made him clarify! He was like, duh you're Brenda James. I was totally thrilled.

- Weirdest encounter with a fan?

Oh the realtor I was looking at houses with called me one night and said he found me on a Bang Brothers by typing in my married name. Well there is no way that name would have brought up a Bang Brothers scene. He was lying about being a member to the site, and denied he looks at porn. I hate liars! Then he got weird and was calling me all the time wanting to look at houses together. Uhhh yeah, no thanks.

- What are odd jobs you held before becoming a pornstar?

OMG I have done just about everything. Most recent an emergency room coordinator and I still am considered a home health aide for quadriplegics. I still work for a national cable network and they don’t know anything about my porn life.

- Describe a typical day for you.

Wake up and have sex, get the kids on the bus, clean the house, take care of email and bills. Then I take a shower and the kidos get home. They go to Karate and I go to school for 4 hrs. I get home around 10pm and do laundry and homework for a couple hrs and get to bed around 1:30 -2:00A.M.

- Do you have to work out often to stay in such perfect shape?

I don’t work out. I do try to keep active by doing everyday chores. Things like taking the stairs, parking at the end of the lot, walking to the store, mowing the lawn, gardening and shoveling in winter. Sex can be a super work out too. On screen sex is a MEGA work out!

- Favorite perfume fragrances?

Escada (the yearly fragrance), and Sexual are the two I am wearing as of late.
- Are you more into style or fashion?

Style, I am a sucker for trendy colors however. As I get older I am trying to buy more quality than quantity. I don’t want to be the 40yr old trying to pretend I’m 25 by wearing my daughters clothes.

- Anything else you want to add or share with your fans?

I absolutely appreciate all the emails and memberships to my website. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt crappy and then read a few emails and felt better. I am super down to Earth and am really the suburban type mom that people see. I am just not a money hungry retarded suburban mom that hangs out at the mall, lol. I am very sarcastic which I hope is never confused with arrogance. If you ever see me at Home Depot, say hello, or just wave if I’m with a bunch of kids!

mercredi 1 juillet 2009

Happy Birthday Canada!

Dream Girlzzz: Olivia O'Lovely

Because bubble butts rule!;)

Olivia O'Lovely is bootylicious with a capital B!

Here are some galleries for you to enjoy!